Sunday, November 10, 2013

Three things...

Thing 1:
Last month, the Cascade Bicycle Club made my pal Wyatt the Riot their rider of the month. What I love about their video of W the R is that while they've captured an aspect of him, there's no hint of the rambunctiousness of the kid.

Thing 2:
Last week on my bike ride into work, a bus right-hooked me. I had my helmet camera on, so edited the footage and sent it into King County Metro. Apparently it's making the rounds as an example of what bus operators ought not to do.

I'm always aware that the camera is facing forward and that if anything was to happen to the side or rear, it wouldn't be captured by the camera.

Thing 3:
Yesterday, Wyatt the Riot and I drove down to the waterfront to ride our bikes. 

I admire his fearlessness and physical agility. While those he rides past often smile and comment kindly on him, they have no idea what havoc he could easily wreak if he wasn't often reminded to watch out for the unsuspecting pedestrians he's approaching and passing.

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