Sunday, July 21, 2013

A bike ride with my favorite three-year-old

I've got great next door neighbors, including my favorite three-year-old, Wyatt the Riot. He and I go for bike rides together. He's got a push bike, and he's about ready for a bike with pedals.

Today we rode up to the neighborhood elementary school, played on the jungle gym, and rode our bikes around the playground.

I've never ridden bicycles with a child before. It's a little unnerving, being responsible for a small human that doesn't understand cars and traffic, and the dangers that lay therein.

I love that he loves to ride. He's growing up on a street that's a designated bike route, so he sees bicyclists riding in front of his house all day. And, the City of Seattle will be turning the closest side street into a neighborhood greenway, i.e. a street with improvements that make it safe for all ages to walk and pedal.

At our block party next month, I've invited a City of Seattle Department of Transportation employee who lives nearby to visit our block so we can talk with her about what we can do to slow down traffic on our street. Even though it's a bike route, it's an unusually wide street for this neighborhood, and cars often travel far too fast. I want my neighbor and his little brother to be able to safely ride on our street.