Sunday, August 5, 2012

An Amazing Woman

I first met Madi Carlson and her sons in April 2012 when they came by Union Station in downtown Seattle to test out a new bus bike rack. She pulled up in a very long pink Surly bicycle with two children sitting in the back. There were two push bikes strapped on to her bike, too.

It was impressive to see the way these three get around town. 

I next saw Madi at this year's fundraiser for the Cascade Bicycle Club's education foundation. She and two other bicyclists were featured in a short film "Three stories from the road"; Madi's story starts at 01:26.

And then last week, I came across the three of them as I was approaching the Fremont Bridge on the way home. They were coming north on Westlake and I was barreling down Dexter.

Madi makes bicycling with two children look like a no-brainer. She inspires me.

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  1. Love it! For the record, if I realized your helmet "light" was a recording camera, I probably wouldn't have mentioned the cell-phone-in-the-toilet mishap ;) See ya on the streets!