Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Ballard Bridge is not particularly bike-friendly

Some mornings if I have some extra time, I pedal into work across the Ballard Bridge and along the waterfront in downtown Seattle. It's a spectacularly beautiful ride through Myrtle Edwards Park. 

But to get there, I first have to get across the Ballard Bridge...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yesterday, I didn't see a friend

Yesterday on the bike ride home, a funny thing happened...

Post script, the next day:
I showed Jos the video, and she pointed out to me that I was seeing things. The woman who passed me had similarities to her, but wasn't her. Jos had pedaled on Westlake and that's why I ended up behind her on Fremont. She says "You were just behind her when you started to call my name – starting up Fremont – but if you thought that was me…. Look again.  She passed me as I slowed down when I hear you calling.  Go to 2:48 in video – notice I’m in blue & my bag has yellow stripe.  I knew I’d ridden on Westlake yesterday….but when you were so adamant that you’d passed me on Dexter I second guessed myself.  Good to know my memory isn’t that bad that I couldn’t remember the day before!"

Dammit. It was such a good story.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

What happens next

I've reached out to a few women bicyclists I admire and asked them to spread the word about this blog. It's already happening. Here's a nice little video of a trail ride by LadyFleur500.

What got this blog going...

My husband sent this article to me yesterday, which I read with some interest. I bought a helmet camera a few months ago to document my commute to work and home. As a regular bicycle commuter, a day never goes by that someone doesn't do something in front of me to potentially cause me harm or to have an accident. I decided to buy a camera so I'd at least be able to document what occurs in front of me.

Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from M. J. Kelly, the Communications Director for the Cascade Bicycle Club. She'd heard through a colleague that I use a helmet cam, and King 5 news had contacted her for someone to interview, specifically in response to the NY Times article. M. J. and I chatted about how we'd both noticed that everyone in the article was male, and that it'd be good to have a woman's take on the topic.

I called the reporter back, but she'd already interviewed someone, a man, and she didn't want to do any more interviews on the topic. I suggested that it might be interesting to have the perspective of a woman bicyclist, but she  sounded bored by the idea.

Between reading the NY Times article and getting the call regarding the interview, I thought I'd start a blog for posts by women who pedal and have a helmet cam. Voila!

If you're interested in submitting something, please post it to YouTube, and send me a link.

Here's the first bike video I posted.

Ride on!

Rebecca Roush